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Airlaid Servietten dunkelblau
Airlaid napkins darkblue
Art. No. 207-2415
Table Line
Airlaid Servietten creme
Airlaid napkins creme
Art. No. 207-2437
Table Line
Airlaid Servietten sonnengelb
Airlaid napkins sun yellow
Art. No. 207-2337
Table Line
Airlaid Servietten bordeaux
Airlaid napkins bordeaux
Art. No. 207-2434
Table Line
Airlaid Servietten dunkelgrün
Airlaid napkins darkgreen
Art. No. 207-2430
Table Line
Airlaid Servietten weiß
Airlaid napkins white
Art. No. 207-2415
Table Line
Airlaid Serviettentaschen dunkelblau
Airlaid napkins bag darkblue
Art. No. 207-2360
Table Line
Airlaid Serviettentaschen creme
Airlaid napkins bag creme
Art. No. 207-2366
Table Line
Airlaid Serviettentaschen sonnengelb
Airlaid napkins bag sun yellow
Art. No. 207-2365
Table Line
Airlaid Serviettentaschen bordeaux
Airlaid napkins bag bordeaux
Art. No. 207-2362
Table Line
Airlaid Serviettentaschen dunkelgrün
Airlaid napkins bag darkgreen
Art. No. 207-2361
Table Line
Airlaid Serviettentaschen weiß
Airlaid napkins bag white
Art. No. 207-2367
Table Line
Leuchterkerzen, farbig
Candlesticks, colored
Size 245 x 23,5 mm
Table Line
Burning time 4 or 8 hours
Table Line
Save Burn Paste
Art. No. 208-3002
Table Line
Coaster, Plates, glass covers
Art. No. on demand
Table Line