Branding procedure

Branding – A term that in German is best translated as individuality, uniqueness. Brandings are an important part of brand communication and should not be missing on your products.

Foil Embossing

Ideal for paper bags, cardboard boxes

With hot foil imprinting, you can give various materials a certain and unmistakable character, whether this be for paper carrier bags, gift cartons or other printed materials.


Ideal for slippers velor, terry

This printing process gives your logo captivating quality. Accuracy of colour is assured, along with resistance and flexibility on various textiles (for instance velour or terry).


Ideal for slippers of any kind

An embroidered emblem is a classic that never fails to leave an impact. Textiles such as bathrobes, towels or slippers can be given a high quality finish in this way.


Ideal for napkins, airlaid

Make your mark simply with flexo printing. Print is added to paper materials with pantone colours or with the CMYK process (for instance on coasters, paper towels, carrier bags, tissues).


Ideal for slippers

Yet another proven classic. Mark your various textile products with your printed logo on a satin or woven fabric label.


Ideal for tote bags, matches

Routine objects, such as carrier bags or match-boxes are transformed discreetly into exclusive objects with spot varnish (partial UV varnish with matt or enamel foil lamination).


Ideal for leather goods

A touch of elegance: book embossed printing or blind embossing, for example, paper materials (such as coasters, egg warmers, teapot holders) or leather materials (such as desk mats, business folders).


Ideal for non-woven carrier bags, garment covers

Versatile and always effective: Screen-printing ensures exact logo placement on the most diverse materials (for instance non-woven, various bag designs, FashionCover®, guest umbrellas, amongst other things).

Rubber Labelling

Ideal for terry goods

Another form of labelling for textile products that has a high-quality and modern effect, which, in the detail, allows your logo to make a real impact.


Ideal for terry goods of all kinds

If your motive should be large and yet unobtrusive, then high-low weaving is the ideal solution. Large areas can be covered with weaving which can produce an elegant tone-in-tone relief effect. For a two-tone colour effect we also offer Jaquard weaving.


Ideal for slippers, bathrobes

Nominate a colour: With pantone colouring you can give textile products such as slippers or bath-robes, an unmistakable and yet discreet marking in your establishment’s colour.


Ideal for slippers through slipper TÜV certificate

Comfort and safety for your guests! This textile nub sole has gained German TÜV certification for its slip-resistant properties. Patent No. DE 101 13 370